Booking an Appointment

For urgent appointments please ring at 8am on the same day, your appointment will be triaged by the clinician on duty who will respond to you appropriately. Please ensure that your appointment is urgent, if not please book a routine appointment.

Our New Telephone number is: 01708 984560

Video Consultations

As this is a training practice we sometimes video the consultations. This is to improve the consultation technique of GP Registrars. We do take your prior permission. If you do not want to be videoed please inform the receptionist.

NHS Referrals

Referrals are made where possible to the hospital of your choice. When the hospital contacts you please re-confirm with the appointments office that you still require a hospital consultation. Otherwise the hospital will remove your name from the waiting list.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

Patient Services

Patient Services

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