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The Live Well with Dementia Programme is a series of face to face sessions for people who have had a recent diagnosis of dementia or are in the early stages of their diagnosis. You will gain the understanding, knowledge and skills to live better with dementia. The sessions will increase your confidence in managing day-to-day and help you to better plan for the future.

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In October 2022, Havering Talking Therapies launched the Carers Group. 

It had been a long ambition of NELFT  Havering Carers Lead, Tarek Seeraullee to have a safe, therapeutic space for carers to explore and get help with their mental health. After many in-depth discussions with Tarek, Havering Talking Therapies passionately agreed that there should be a designated resource for our service users who are carers.

Our work with the Havering Carers Hub also provided us with an unrivalled insight into the experiences of carers and the challenges that they face on a daily basis. After further discussions and much planning, Havering Talking Therapies created a five-week carers group based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Each week of the Carers Group is based on a different mental health topic and treatment content is based on CBT, which has been adapted to factor in the challenges of a caring role. 

Group Outline:

Week One              Introduction to CBT

Week Two             Low mood

Week Three          Worry and stress management

Week Four             Negative thoughts both in general and in relation to the caring role

Week Five              Staying well plan and a guide for the future

So far, the Carers Group has been a triumphant addition to the treatment options that are available within Havering Talking Therapies. We have continuously received positive feedback on how the group has helped carers and the benefits that they have received after attending the five weeks.

One client said: “The group has really helped me. I have a lot going on at the moment and the CBT skills have helped me to be more relaxed and calmer. I find myself giving advice to others from what I have learned from the group and I like doing this. I would definitely recommend the group. We are trying to arrange a pre-Christmas lunch with each other and hope to stay in touch.”

Others that have attended the group often echo this feedback. Not only does the group provide vital CBT skills that help individuals provide a caring role, it also offers an opportunity to share personal experiences with those that understand.

Themes like sadness, frustration and exhaustion are regularly spoken about within the group. Fellow participants can empathise with these emotions and thus, show and know that “it’s not just me”.

Another client said: “The course has helped me and I now feel less anxious. Having the sheets to refer back to will be a great reminder when feeling low. It has also provided me with more friends”.

We have welcomed service users from different ages, races, cultures and genders. A universal bond that each person holds – being a carer – quickly masks any differences.

At the heart of the group, is the fact that each carer is an individual too with needs and hopes. We often see participants start enjoying their hobbies and creative activities again. Some even bring their creations or crafts for other group members to enjoy.

The Carers Group has just passed its one-year anniversary and we are pleased to say that many carers have left the group feeling lighter, listened to and better connected.

If you feel that you could benefit from the Carers Group, then please consider self-referring to Havering Talking Therapies by completing the self-referral form at

Or by calling 0300 300 1554 option 2. Alternatively, your GP could also refer you to our service.

Written by Anthony Myers, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Havering Talking Therapies Step 2 Carers Lead